Bäst just nu - Extreme metal

Autopsy - Throatsaw
Dead Icarus - So I Set Myself on Fire
Go Ahead And Die - Desert Carnage
Angelus Apatrida - Cold
Bloodred Hourglass - Of Course I Still Love You
Diabolic Night - The Sacred Scriptures
Austrian Death Machine - No Pain No Gain
Varg - Ewige Wacht
Lamb Of God - Evidence
Eradikated - Flames
October Tide - Tapestry of Our End
Nervosa - Jailbreak
Asinhell - Fall of the Loyal Warrior
Wolves In The Throne Room - Twin Mouthed Spring
Tyranex - Rise from the Dead
Thy Art Is Murder - Blood Throne
Cannibal Corpse - Summoned for Sacrifice
Guilt Trip - Sweet Dreams
Rebaelliun - In Heresy We Trust
Shining - Avsändare Okänd
Dying Fetus - Compulsion for Cruelty
Cryptopsy - In Abeyance
Sylosis - Poison for the Lost
Cruel Force - Night of Thunder
Thy Kingdom Will Burn - Death Comes Ripping


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