Bäst just nu - Melodic metal

Steel Rhino - Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
Within Temptation - We Go to War
Temperance - Daruma (feat. Arjen Anthony Lucassen)
Dragonforce - Power of the Triforce
Theocracy - Return to Dust
Firewind - Salvation Day
Judas Priest - Panic Attack
Sonata Arctica - First in Line
Ronnie Atkins - Trinity
Edge Of Forever - Ritual, Pt.I
Heavy Load - Ride the Night
Iron Savior - In the Realm of Heavy Metal
Hulkoff - Berserkr
KK's Priest - Sons of the Sentinel
Primordial - Victory has 1000 Fathers, Defeat is an Orphan
Blackbriar - Cicada
By Fire And Sword - Leave a Little Room
Mercenary - Heart of the Numb (feat. Matthew K. Heafy)
Winterstorm - Silence
Death Dealer Union - Ill Fated
Ronnie Romero - Chased by Shadows
Primal Fear - Cancel Culture
Black Viper - Black Mass
Stormburst - When the Worlds Collide
Crank - Rebels of the Night


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