Bäst just nu - Melodic metal

Allen/Olzon - Never Die
Semblant - Mere Shadow
Crematory - Rise and Fall
Almanac - Bought and Sold
Apocalyptica - Live or Die (feat. Joakim Brodén)
Burning Witches - Wings of Steel
Ross The Boss - Maiden of Shadows
Nils Patrik Johansson - The Great Conspiracy
Stallion - Kill the Beast
Demons & Wizards - Diabolic
Psychotic Waltz - Devils and Angels
Archon Angel - Fallen
Seven Spires - Succumb
Anvil - Nabbed in Nebraska
Wolfpakk - Lone Ranger
Delain - One Second
Ravenword - Blue Roses
Serenity - Set the World on Fire
Serious Black - Let Me Go
Lordi - Horror for Hire
Shadowquest - Gallows of Eden
Temperance - My Demons Can't Sleep
Annihilator - Armed to the Teeth
British Lion - Lightning
Sons Of Apollo - Goodbye Divinity
Mystic Prophecy - Eye to Eye
Rage - Chasing the Twilight Zone
Brothers Of Metal - Kaunaz Dagaz
In Victory - The Prophecies Will Unfold
Amaranthe - 82nd All the Way


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