Sverige 2018

Amaranthe - 365
At The Gates - Daggers of Black Haze
Avatar - A Statue of the King
Craft - Again
Creye - Christina
Crown, The - Iron Crown
Cryonic Temple - End of Days
Denied - Don't You Know Me
Dreadful Fate - Vengeance
Dynazty - The Grey
Eleine - Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die)
Engel - The Condemned
Englund, Thobbe - Illuminati
Follow The Cipher - Valkyria
Freak Kitchen - Morons
Funeral Mist - Metamorphosis
Ghost - Rats
Grand Design - Face It
Graveyard - Please Don't
Hardcore Superstar - Electric Rider
Johansson, Nils Patrik - Evil Deluxe
Leckremo, Kenny - Nothing to Die For
Letters From The Colony - Galax
Lik - Celebration of the Twisted
Lion's Share - Another Desire
Liv Sin - Devil's Plaything
Lucifer - California Son
Manimal - Purgatorio
Marduk - Werwolf
Memfis - Outburst
Mustasch - Lawbreaker
Nale - Smasher
Necrophobic - Tsar Bomba
Nekrokraft - Lechery
Night Flight Orchestra, The - This Time
Nordic Union - Walk Me Through the Fire
P.A.L. - Heads or Tails
Perfect Plan - In and Out of Love
Piss River - Bad Reputation
Poodles, The - Go Your Own Way
ReVertigo - Sailing Stones
Saffire - Hard to Keep, Hard to Find
Seventh Wonder - Tiara's Song (Farewell Pt. 1)
Shining - Svart Ostoppbar Eld
Smash Into Pieces - Like This!
Svartanatt - Hit Him Down
Tad Morose - Apocalypse
Therion - Temple of New Jerusalem
Thundermother - Whatever
Tomma Intet - Falling from the Edge of the World
Treat - Progenitors
Tribulation - The Lament
Universe Infinity - Start Give All Your Love
Unleashed - Lead Us into War
Veonity - Outcasts of Eden
Vojd - Delusions in the Sky
Volster - Perfect Storm
Watain - Nuclear Alchemy
We Sell The Dead - Turn It Over
W.E.T. - Watch the Fire

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