Bäst just nu - Melodic metal

Knights Of The Realm - Another Kind of Thunder
Teramaze - Standing Ovation
Powerwolf - 1589
Elvellon - The Aftermath of Life
Freedom Call - Supernova
Anette Olzon - Day of Wrath
Cruachan - Talamh
Riot V - Mean Streets
Unleash The Archers - Green & Glass
Induction - Medusa
Feuerschwanz - The Unholy Grail (feat. Dominum, Orden Ogan)
Mortemia - A Thousand Lightyears Unfold (feat. Nicoletta Rossellini)
Accept - The Reckoning
Ad Infinitum - Outer Space
Lacuna Coil - In the Mean Time (feat. Ash Costello)
Balance Of Power - Never Be Here Again
Vanden Plas - The Sacrilegious Mind Machine
Nocturna - Seven Sins
Xandria - Universal
Týr - Dragons Never Die


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