Bäst just nu - Melodic metal

Evergrey - Falling from the Sun
Korpiklaani - Rankarumpu
Tungsten - Walborg
Orden Ogan - The Order of Fear
Victorius - Total T-Rex Terror
Mile - A World That Will Die
Rage - Under a Black Crown
Alestorm - Voyage of the Dead Marauder (feat. Patty Gurdy)
All For Metal - Gods of Metal
Leaves' Eyes - Who Wants to Live Forever
Hammer King - I Want Chaos
Furor Gallico - Birth of the Sun
Thornbridge - Daydream Illusion
Attic - Offerings to Baalberith
Blackbriar - Moonflower (feat. Marjana Semkina)
Dragonforce - Power of the Triforce
Lords Of Black - Let the Nightmare Come
Lutharo - Time to Rise
Sonata Arctica - A Monster Only You Can't See
Myrath - To the Stars


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