Bäst just nu - Extreme metal

Insomnium - 1696
Kalmah - Haunted by Guilt
Hellripper - The Nuckelavee
Distant - Heritage (feat. Will Ramos)
Tramalizer - Hating God
Last Legion - Metall, Blod & Aska
Siege Of Power - Scavengers
The Amity Affliction - I See Dead People (feat. Louie Knuxx)
Lamb Of God/Kreator - State of Unrest
In Flames - In the Dark
Memoriam - Total War
Ablaze My Sorrow - Transfiguration (The Way of the Strong)
Dread Witch - Into the Crypt
Seven Doors - Feast of the Repulsive Dead
Methane - Shock and Awe
Atrocity - Fire Ignites
Obituary - My Will to Live
Grá - White City Devil
Acherontia Styx - Cloud of War
Lýsis - Handprints
Eldfaerd - Skymningsland
Caliban - The Shadow
Nailed To Obscurity - Clouded Frame
Amorphis - The Well
Sarcator - Grave Maggot Future


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