Sverige 2022

Aerodyne - Razor's Edge
Altzi - Into the Fire
Amon Amarth - The Serpent's Trail
Arch Enemy - In the Eye of the Storm
Autumn's Child - Emergency
Avatarium - God is Silent
Battering Ram - Hold On
Besvärjelsen - Clouds
Black Paisley - Not Alone
Bloodbath - Carved (feat. Luc Lemay)
Bring The Hoax - 1993
Candlemass - Sweet Evil Sun
Civil War - Battle of Life
Crashdiet - No Man's Land
DAMPF - Who am I?
Darkane - A Spiral to Nothing
Dark Funeral - When I'm Gone
Degreed - Falling Down
Denied - Divided
Desolate Grave - Lariysa
Domkraft - The Brush Descends the Length
Dragonland - Flight from Destruction
Dynazty - Heart of Darkness
Eldfaerd - Själafrid
Eldprov - Hunt
Eleine - All Shall Burn (acoustic)
Entrails - Die to Death
Ereb Altor - Fenris
Eucharist - Shadows
Evergrey - Midwinter Calls
Flames Of Fire - Gloria
Freternia - Elvenstar
Gathering Of Kings - Firefly
Ghost - Watcher in the Sky
Halo Effect, The - Feel What I Believe
Hammerfall - Venerate Me
Hardcore Superstar - Weep When You Die
H.E.A.T - Nationwide
Hellacopters, The - Reap a Hurricane
Hällas - Stygian Depths
Karmanjaka - Gates of Muspel
Lord Belial - Belie All Gods
Meshuggah - Light the Shortening Fuse
Månegarm - Ulvhjärtat
New Horizon - Stronger Than Steel
Nordic Union - In Every Waking Hour
Out Of This World - In a Million Years
Outshine - It's All Lies
Palace - Facing the Music
Perfect Plan - Can't Let You Win
Riven, The - On Time
Sabaton - Soldier of Heaven
Saffire - Read Between the Lies
Sarcasm - Let Us Descend
Sarcator - The Long Lost
Sator - Get Out of My Way
Seventh Wonder - Invincible
Soilwork - Nous Somme la Guerre
Soreption - The Artificial North
Starchaser - Starchaser
Tad Morose - March of the Obsequious
Therion - Marijin Min Nar
Treat - Carolina Reaper
Tungsten - On the Sea
Veonity - Altar of Power
Wardenclyffe - HAL
Watain - Serimosa
Witchery - Witching Hour
Wolf - The Time Machine
Zan, Zinny - It's No Good


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