Bäst just nu - Melodiös hårdrock

Shinedown - Planet Zero
Ozzy Osbourne - Patient Number 9 (feat. Jeff Beck)
Fallen Sanctuary - Wait for Me
The Hellacopters - Eleanor Rigby
Mustasch - Columbian Insomnia
Mortemia - What Else is There? (feat. Zora Cock)
One Desire - Never Gonna Stop
Jorn - Over the Horizon Radar
Gräce - Evergarden (feat. Ronnie Romero)
Motionless In White - Scoring the End of the World (feat. Mick Gordon)
Rise Against - Last Man Standing
Michael Monroe - Murder the Summer of Love
The Cruel Intentions - Sunrise over Sunset
Black Paisley - Set Me on Fire
Head First - Sand Castles
Chez Kane - Powerzone
Malevolence - Higher Place
Liv Sin - The Process
H.E.A.T - Back to the Rhythm
Floor Jansen - Fire


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