Sverige 2021

Ablaze My Sorrow - At the Grave of Giants
Aeon - God Ends Here
At The Gates - The Paradox
Autumn's Child - Don't Say That It's Love
Bloodbound - Creatures of the Dark Realm
Crazy Lixx - Anthem for America
Creye - Siberia
Crowne - Sharoline
Cruzh - Turn Back Time
Eclipse - Roses on Your Grave
Evergrey - The Beholder (feat. James LaBrie)
Eyes Wide Open - Burn 'Em
Funeral Mist - Children of the Urn
Generals, The - To Hell
Grand Cadaver - Reign Through Fire
Grande Royale - Just as Bad as You (feat. Dregen)
Hawkins, The - Turncoat Killer
Heart Healer - Mesmerized (feat. Anette Olzon)
Hulkoff - Till Valhall
Hypocrisy - We're the Walking Dead
Höst - Hide the Bodies
In Mourning - Thornwalker
Insane - Maximum Force
Insania - Praeparatus Supervivet
Lake Of Tears - In Wait and Worries
Loch Vostok - Disillusion
Lucifer - Wild Hearses
Lurking Fear, The - Cosmic Macabre
Mad Invasion - Edge of the World
Malmsteen, Yngwie - Wolves at the Door
Manimal - Chains of Fury
Memory Garden - Distrust
Metalite - Cloud Connected
Murder Of My Sweet, The - A Ghost of a Chance
Mustasch - Contagious
Nestor - 1989
Night Flight Orchestra, The - White Jeans
Olzon, Anette - Strong
Perpetual Etude - Show Me
Portrait - Curtains (The Dumb Supper)
Quill, The - Hallucinate
Seventh Crystal - Broken Mirror
Sister - Psycho Thrilling
Smash Into Pieces - Running Away from Home
Soen - Illusions
Therion - Tuonela (feat. Marco Hietala)
Thyrfing - Järnhand
ToxicRose - Remedy
Tribulation - Leviathans
Unanimated - As the Night Takes Us
Unleashed - You are the Warrior!
Utmarken - Jaktmarker
W.E.T. - Got to Be About Love
Wombbath - The Law of Everything
Wormwood - End of Message


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