Bäst just nu - Extreme metal

Enforced - Curtain Fire
Baest - Abattoir
Nightfall - Darkness Forever
Einherjer - The Blood and the Iron
Inflabitan - Mental Radiation Fix
The Generals - Faith in Fire
Ablaze My Sorrow - Black Waters
Grand Cadaver - Madness Comes
Hemlock - Doomsday
Angelus Apatrida - Bleed the Crown
Todd La Torre - Vanguards of the Dawn Wall
Product Of Hate - Rapture
Tribulation - Hour of the Wolf
Asphyx - Knights Templar Stand
Grima - Cedar and Owls
Nervosa - Guided by Evil
Frozen Soul - Crypt of Ice
Sodom - Sodom & Gomorrah
Dark Tranquillity - Identical to None
Carcass - The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue
Draconian - Lustrous Heart
Evildead - The Descending
Insidious Disease - Betrayer
Mors Principium Est - A Day for Redemption
Benediction - Stormcrow


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