Spotify-lista v.31 - Bäst just nu

Arch Enemy - The World is Yours
Accept - Koolaid
Masterplan - The Chance
Rage - Season of the Black
Alice Cooper - Paranormal
Edguy - Ravenblack
Excalion - Divergent Falling
Orden Ogan - Come with Me to the Other Side
Cellar Darling - The Hermit
Vintersorg - Fjällets Mäktiga Mur
Stone Sour - Song #3
Stahlmann - Schwarz und Weiss
Iced Earth - Raven Wing
Carach Angren - Charles Francis Coghlan
Secret Sphere - The Calling
Jorn - Life on Death Road
Tankard - Syrian Nightmare
Adrenaline Mob - Chasing Dragons
Mean Streak - Tear Down the Walls
Rhapsody Of Fire - Dawn of Victory (re-recorded)
Alestorm - Mexico
Avatarium - Into the Fire/Into the Storm
Dream Evil - Antidote
Papa Roach - Help
Dragonforce - Ashes of the Dawn
Kobra And The Lotus - You Don't Know
Majesty - Rebels of Our Time


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