Spotify-lista v.09 - Sverige 2016

Amaranthe - Maximize
Amon Amarth - First Kill
Avatar - The Eagle Has Landed
Bombus - Deadweight
Centinex - Generation of Flies
Civil War - Road to Victory
Cloudscape - All for Metal
Cruzh - Aim for the Head
Dark Funeral - Unchain My Soul
Dark Tranquillity - Atoma
Degradead - Afterlife
Dynazty - Keys to Paradise
Eclipse - Runaways
Enbound - Give Me Light
Entombed A.D. - Down to Mars to Ride
Evergrey - Passing Through
Gehennah - Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die
Ghost - Square Hammer
Grand Magus - Forged in Iron-Crowned in Steel
Hammerfall - Hammer High
In Flames - The End
Katatonia - Serein
Machinae Supremacy - My Dragons Will Decimate
Malmsteen, Yngwie - World on Fire
Mustasch - Midnight Runner
Narnia - I Still Believe
Opeth - Era
Pain - Black Knight Satellite
Peo - Welcome to the Party
Raubtier - Bothniablod
Sabaton - The Last Stand
Sister - Carved in Stone
Soilwork - Death Resonance
Solution .45 - The Faint Pulse of Light
Sonic Syndicate - Confessions
Spiritual Beggars - Sunrise to Sundown
Throne Of Heresy - The God Delusion
ToxicRose - World of Confusion
Treat - Ghost of Graceland
Twilight Force - Battle of Arcane Might
Unguided, The - King of Clubs
Witchcraft - Theory of Consequence
Witchery - Nosferatu
Witherscape - Wake of Infinity
Zephyra - Words of a Demagogue


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