Spotify-lista v.25 - Italien

Labyrinth - Moonlight
Skanners - Welcome to Hell
DGM - Universe
Rhapsody - Dawn of Victory
Lacuna Coil - Heaven's a Lie
Holy Knights - Awake
Luca Turilli - The Ancient Forest of Elves
Kaledon - The God Beyond the Man
Exilia - Phoenix
Orion Riders - Whispers
Vision Divine - Fading Shadow
Overmaster - Marble King
Secret Sphere - Feed My Fire
Skylark - Why Did You Kill the Princess?
Thy Majestie - The Pride of a Housecarl
Raintime - Tears of Sorrow
White Skull - The Roman Empire
Mastercastle - Chains
Elvenking - The Divided Heart
Domine - The Hurricane Master


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